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Planning A Trip To London? Here's Every Location Taylor Swift Describes In ‘London Boy'

Posted On: Aug 23, 2019   |   Posted By: StyleCaster

Taylor Swift's Lover is here. And there is plenty to discuss. AKA the fact that she and Joe Alwyn are probably engaged and maybe even secretly married!! (Srsly-how are more people not talking about this? “Paper Rings” basically confirms it). Anyway-these Taylor Swift “London Boy” location details are everything. We just know all you Swifties are going to want to check these out next time you find yourself across the pond.
Lover is arguably Swift's best album , or at least the most romantic. Because guys!! She's so in love. If the third track “Lover,” which she released early, wasn't proof enough, the other 17 tracks are proof. And as T-Swift always does, she's dropped Easter eggs throughout the whole album. But we're focusing on all those places she mentions in “London Boy.” Because she and her London boy have been busy!
They've been enjoying high tea, long walks in the park, and some pub visits. Swift sings,
“They say home is where the heart is
But that's not where mine lives,”
Because her heart lies with...

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