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How to Indulge in Downtime, Pimple-Popping and Other Secrets of Lili Reinhart's Self-Care Routine

Posted On: Aug 19, 2018   |   Posted By: StyleCaster

Two things to know about Lili Reinhart: First, the girl is a legit pro when it comes to looking after skin. As in, there's no way she wasn't a dermatologist in another life. Not only does she take her own routine very seriously, she regularly lurks in Subreddits to bone up on skin care and has partnered with Dermalogica to create a $10 10-minute flash facial (available at Dermalogica and Ulta Beauty stores) that's geared to help clear acne.
The second thing about Reinhart? She is not going to judge you for chilling on your phone. That's because her brand of self- care taps the device to veg out with YouTube, Netflix and other apps that may not lend themselves to a digital detox, but certainly help usher relaxation.

In fact, no part of the Riverdale star's approach to self-care is particularly stringent (just wait to you see her approach to exercise). To learn more, we sat down with the actress and Dermalogica partner at the brand's Santa Monica shop in L.A., where she dazzled us with her...

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