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Elsa Hosk Perfected the Sexy-Yet-Simple Date Night Outfit

Posted On: Aug 17, 2018   |   Posted By: StyleCaster

Assembling the perfect date night outfit is a kind of art-in the way that mixing and matching candles in your home or creating the right menu for a dinner party is an art. It requires you to thoughtfully balance an array of different elements.
With candles, you have to manage the scent profile so it never veers too fruity, floral or sugary-sweet. With menus, you need to make sure there's a little of everything-some spicy, some sweet and some delightfully savory. And with date night outfits, you need something that says style, personality and sex appeal all at once. Plus, your ensemble needs to be comfortable. (The last thing you need in an already high-stress situation is your clothes scratching, poking or otherwise undermining you.)
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Mastering this art form is a thing my friends and I have spent years trying to accomplish. Not only do you need an outfit that checks all four aforementioned boxes (style, personality, sex appeal,...

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