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BTS' J-Hope Showed Up To The Airport Showing Some Skin Like It Was NBD

Posted On: Aug 23, 2019   |   Posted By: StyleCaster

ARMY members prepare yourself, these images may be too hot to handle. BTS' J-Hope's shirtless skin pics are showing off everything we need to see. J-Hope show some skin like it wasn't a big deal and we already know fans mouths are drooling.
The singer showed up to Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea today, August 23, donned in a stylish denim jacket and, take a deep breath, barely anything else. J-Hope was shirtless under his star-covered jacket which was only held together by one button. J-Hope finished off the look with some '90s flair with a bucket hat, a pair of athletic shorts and sandals. Honestly, he showed off so much skin that you could practically see his abs and pecs. Is it getting hot in here?
The ARMY, of course, were all over the images and took to Twitter fawning over J-Hope's travel look. “Hoseok on Twitter: now imma act like i wasn't the cause of stan twt meltdown 4 hours ago,” one ARMY quipped in a Tweet. While another shared, “The way he's all over the timeline doing THAT...

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