• FashionUnited highlights from November '18

    10 days ago - By Fashion United

    As November comes to an end, FashionUnited takes a look back at the biggest news to hit the world of fashion.
    Victoria's Secret: Out of touch and out of time?
    This month, Victoria's Secret televised its annual extravaganza of models parading a catwalk in underwear. Some girls were sporting wings, others were bedazzled from hip to bust. But while sex once sold everything from fashion to laundry detergent, marketing in 2018 has moved on, and now focuses
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  • Fashion in the news: did our fashion sense elect Donald Trump?

    Fashion in the news: did our fashion sense elect Donald Trump?

    10 days ago - By Fashion United

    Every Friday, FashionUnited selects the most interesting reads about the fashion industry published across US news outlets. Here's what you may have missed:
    This week was shaken by the news that Cambridge Analytica may have used
    Facebook users' fashion preferences to send them pro-Trump messages during the 2016 presidential campaign in the US. Christopher Wyle, Cambridge
    Analytica's former director turned whistleblower, said during a fashion conference that people's tastes in fashion says so much about them that it can even indicate their level of susceptibility to populist political...
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